Abstract Art: Desktop wallpaper part 3

Part 3 of abstract images from Eating Design. Enjoy


If you like any of the images featured in the 3 posts feel free to download and use on your desktop. I will soon have a whole section dedicated to Free desktop wallpapers. Stay tuned 😀

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Eating Design

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4 thoughts on “Abstract Art: Desktop wallpaper part 3”

  1. These are great thanks.

    I use rotating header images on newer blog SBF. I don’t post often there, but if you are at all interested in having me feature images from you, made to fit the header of course let me know. You can see on the sidebar how I note the header image artist. As many images as you want up to 10.

  2. Hello Cooper,

    Thanks for checking the Site, SBF blog sounds like a great Idea! Thanks for the invite 😀 When I get back from work I will contact you with a few headers hope thats cool?

    Take care
    Speak soon

    Eating Design

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