My Band Mamabeani play The Eclectica Festival.

Just finished my promo artwork for the Band Mamabeani, thats the band I play keyboards and synthesizers for. We have a great opportunity to play the Eclectica Festival St Helens. Really looking forward to this and being amongst top artists like Shed Seven and The Levellers. There will be a great amount of talent playing from the local area so its going to be a very exciting and entertaining day. As well as working on my contract work I’m also producing the artwork for the band and soon to come “a new website” I will post about the site when its finished. Check out the poster for the show.

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The Making of a Mystic

A great tutorial found on digg, and revealed at PSDTUTS! One I am sure many will try but also a good way to get to grips manipulating any kind of image. Every now and again you find these treats and this has to be one of the best. PSDTUTS once again proves Fantastic for showing ways to be creative.

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Design News Weekly. Nick La does it again!

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since I posted anything, I’ve been very busy “Getting Married” 😀 Yaaah!

Still didn’t stop me being creative, took lots of pictures on my honeymoon to Cyprus and Egypt. Will post some creative landscapes of Egypt very soon and get back to adding on both my sites

For now here’s a link to a great piece on Nick La’s Web Designer Wall showing 2008 Design Trends

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