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Double facepalm WWF

What on earth are we doing to our planet

Imagination with realism… Global Brand Insight

Global Brand Insight creates inspiration design work!

Launch LA Event Poster

Launch LA Event Poster

Hotwheels Elite Collection

Hotwheels Elite Collection

Pubblica, Bogotá, Colombia – Envirometally safe Design

Pubblica, Bogotá, Colombia – Envirometally safe Design

WWF – Help Nature

WWF Creation inspiration – Help Nature

How to be original…

In an age of nonstop innovation, companies and individuals with original ideas have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Why? Because original ideas are at the heart of innovation, differentiation, and brand transformation. – Marty Neumeier – Liquid Brand Exchange

Creative Review iPad App?

The Creative Review iPad App has finally arrived, I shall be having a good look at this tonight

The Best of 2010

Almost the end of the year, and 2011 is just around the corner. With that thought here is a post on some of the best sites I visit. Inspiration and in-depth knowledge are what makes these sites the best of the web for 2010. Check them all out but don’t forget book mark Have a prosperous New year filled with achievements and the aspirations you desire.

Design Inspiration My Animal Farm

Julie Katrine Andersen Graphic Designer, A must for any designer to see. Some great pieces of work and a very good Design Inspiration blog.

Go check out My Animal Farm and also Julie Katrine Andersen’s blog for some great work and insights into fantastic design.

20th Anniversary of Adobe Photoshop

The Icon Adobe Photoshop is 20 years old!! What a journey this program has been on.

iPad | Will this change the way we Create & Design for clients?

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