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Hotwheels Elite Collection

Pubblica, Bogotá, Colombia – Envirometally safe Design

Pubblica, Bogotá, Colombia – Envirometally safe Design

Geometry, Lines, Curves and Patterns Jared Lim Photography

Geometry, Lines, Curves and Patterns Jared Lim Photography

WWF – Help Nature

WWF Creation inspiration – Help Nature

Captain Feline blends pop culture with cats

Captain Feline basically blends pop culture with cats. The inspiration for each illustration simply comes from our love of both cats and pop culture

How to be original…

In an age of nonstop innovation, companies and individuals with original ideas have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Why? Because original ideas are at the heart of innovation, differentiation, and brand transformation. – Marty Neumeier – Liquid Brand Exchange

Modern Pencil Artist T.S. Abe

Well worth a look. If you like drawing these are of the highest quality.

Weekly pics and designs #3

People of the internet, here is this weeks collection. A real mixed bag of fun and inspirational pictures and artwork. Enjoy and feel free to comment and share.

Weekly pics and designs #2

This is a crazy set of weekly pics, very eclectic grabs from around the www.

Famous Photographers – Profile #1

Featured Influential creatives will be talked about and linked to for your interest

On the road to nowhere

Amazing images from all around the world! Take a look, I would love to go to some of these but not sure about the cliff hangers. Enjoy.

Pentax Photography – Eating Design

Photography is taking over. I’m a graphic Designer by day but by night I’m learning Photography and really enjoying the break from Design and working as a Graphic Designer.

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