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CLARK – throttleclark

CLARK – throttleclark

Music Creativity | Total Inspiration

Music Creativity | Total Inspiration

Typography – From Paper to Screen

A Graduation project from Thibault is Fournas, A Fantastic look at Typography

Launch LA Event Poster

Launch LA Event Poster

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

A must share! Especially as I really feel like dancing like this at the moment.

Nike Women – by Edouard Salier

Abstract Flash Animation to Music

GONG New album Gong 2032

This I had to share with all! I love the band GonG and have done for many years, Well they are the original and the best (they have been saving the planet since the planet began haha). As lots of people are on the band wagon for Green living I think you should know that Gong have been walking the path of saving the planet for a very long time.

Design News Weekly: Stencil Art

Just searching around the web as you do, and came across this video on Youtube:

The High Line Design Video

Design News Weekly. Fireplays

Absolutely amazed by this. The energy and ethereal feel just right up my street and what a great tune to do it to, MGMT! TOP DRAW. Vimeo has to be one of the best places i’ve found for such high quality creative material. Go check it out.

Design News Weekly. Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris’ Inflatable Bag Monsters

Design News Weekly has made its return after a few weeks of life changes :D

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