Creative Imagery Unfiltered work of Eric M. Gustafson

Check out this great collection of photography. The depth and details are truly stunning!



  1. cat

    Ohhh … beautiful. And thanks for sharing his site. I’ve now signed up for his coming tutorial.

    • Written on: 06/04/08 at 17:56
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  2. Eating Design

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for the Post, great photography isnt it? :D

    Eating Design

    • Written on: 06/04/08 at 21:33
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  3. cat

    Absolutely, great photography

    I’m looking to get into HDR techniques as soon as my digital dies.

    I might just have to bounce it off the concrete a few times to speed up it’s timely death :-)

    • Written on: 07/04/08 at 11:08
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  4. Eating Design

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for your comments, Check this link out on Abduzeedo:

    Im going to try some at the weekend with my Mush :D using the EV over exposure and under exposure. Lets hope i dont crack the lens :D

    • Written on: 08/04/08 at 22:09
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  5. cat

    Wow. Thanks for sharing that!

    I’m out here in the UK running around with a camera so I’ll play around and see if I can take the three shots needed. Fingers crossed!

    • Written on: 09/04/08 at 6:43
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