Creative Imagery Unfiltered work of Eric M. Gustafson

Check out this great collection of photography. The depth and details are truly stunning!



In our modern world where most of us are generally surrounded by and marketed to with uninspiring things, this serves as my attempt to counter that with moments I’ve found to be interesting and special. I’ve taken and post-processed all the photos here since 2002. I currently call Austin home and have lived throughout the United States (to include Washington State, Florida, Indiana, Virginia & Texas) during my lifetime. I currently work as a front-end designer and developer during the day and enjoy travelling to new places and wandering around with my gear. Whilst snapping, nothing is ever pre-arranged. No lighting setup. more

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Hi my name is Mali, I've been working as a creative in many areas of Design, Photography and Digital Media for the past 20 years. If your looking to hire an agency for all your creative needs, we provide a more personal, in-depth and imaginative solution for your brand and business. Drop me a message or subscribe for inspiration. Enjoy the site

5 thoughts on “Creative Imagery Unfiltered work of Eric M. Gustafson”

  1. Absolutely, great photography

    I’m looking to get into HDR techniques as soon as my digital dies.

    I might just have to bounce it off the concrete a few times to speed up it’s timely death 🙂

  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing that!

    I’m out here in the UK running around with a camera so I’ll play around and see if I can take the three shots needed. Fingers crossed!

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