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Hello Fellow Eating Design snoopers, watchers, creators of the creative!

Feeling the love lately for the site, the new look has given me a new lease of life to be creative and load the site with cool posts. Hope you’re enjoying them? Please don’t be scared feel free to comment.. go on you know you want to? 🙂

Anyhow enough silly chat. Todays posts is one of mystical lights (not really) just cool lights with a thump thump bass (massiv init) a Visual Installation for your eyes to feast on this creative wonder.

Well I just love this, wish I was sat in the room whilst it was playing. Me and my friend a few years ago now made an installation. Full on room with projections and music. I shall dig this from the HDD and share sometimes soon, but for now enjoy this cool piece of work by IF ? Cinzia Kamp & Erminio Serpente.

LEVEL from IF on Vimeo.

Visual installation Machine du Moulin Rouge – Paris 01.02 | 2015 Design:
IF ? Cinzia Kamp & Erminio Serpente Music: Trespur more infos: LINK

Anyone out there that would like to share with me your art, creative work anything cool. Just drop me a comment or message me on twitter anytime.

I’m looking forward to adding local talent soon from around the North West of England, a place I feel gets missed sometimes. A place I have always felt is the epi centre of creativity. From Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield there is so much happening from a creative point of view. So stay tuned for more posts coming from local talent. TTFN…

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