CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

“Every once in a while something keeps me tuned in. Cymatics: Science Vs. Music did just that.”

I had to share this, a friend sent me the link on Facebook (thanks Mr Lyon – Mr Harmon) and it blew my mind. A must see, and a great tune. Talent like this is very special and must be applauded. Enjoy and follow the links to support some shit hot talent:

Solar Echoes – Nigel John Stanford

I’ve heard of Cymatics but it’s usually in a scientific way. This has it all! Fire waves of pulsing black alien liquid and a drum kick that creates a wave form out of water. Even with all the scientific dramatics of a portable faraday cage, the music is standout. A top tune, you should go and check out all his videos in full 4k, breath-taking and awe-inspiring.

Mr Stanford thanks for the inspiration…

Mixed by Michael H. Brauer
at Electric Lady Studios, NYC
Engineered by Simon Gooding
at Rubber Monkey, Wellington
Cover art by Greg Martin

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