5 thoughts on “Down Under with Grit FX”

  1. G’Day Mali!
    This page hadn’t wanted to load for me for the last week, but alas, today it did 🙂

    Thank you for a wonderful shout-out! Very appreciated!!

    As for delivery, the t-shirt suppliers/printers which we use (which are print-on-demand suppliers) ship internationally 🙂

    @ DesignBoy – Glad to have come across another fan of our designs!


    P.S We’ve got another giveaway running right now – you should both drop by and place an entry 😉

    1. Hi Manz,

      Thanks for the re comment: I was gutted last week all my websites got hacked, was not best pleased. You post I lost and had to do a Google cache search to get it back.

      Great stuff for the T-shirts, Ive just placed my first order 😀

      Speak soon and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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