Goodbye FeedBurner – Thanks for all the fish

The Times they are a changing…

Like pretty much any blogger Feedburner was a necessity for your RSS feeds, spreading the world or offering people a way to subscribe to your blog posts. Giving instant news straight to your followers inbox.

Sadly Google has left Feedburner like grandpa Simpson. No one seems to care much either. Slowly I have watched people walk away from Feedburner. Some people I have followed for years (and got most of my regular updates from via Feedburner) have retired its service and switched to some kind of email update. Some good some not. I would like to think I can also go this way but with creative emails? I have been making email newsletters (eshots, eblasts – what ever you would like to call them) for many clients over the years. So this progression is one I will embrace and can hopefully send some creative crafted emails to you all. Updates on what I have been doing, posting and what is about to come in the future.

Over the years I have used a collection of software to craft my email newsletters but nowadays it’s getting more and more complex. Responsive emails are a big deal and no wonder with all the smart phones and mobile devices we have today. These emails are checked more and more on these devices. The research I have done over the many years suggest this has to be the way to go. If you want to stay visible and get your content available to the larger audiences I suggest you take the time to craft the email responsively 😉 Easier said than done. I don’t profess to be a great coder, but over the years I have found efficient ways and various software programs to craft and create brilliant emails in half the time it would take to code completely. With no significant cost to asking a freelancer or agency to make lots of templates for you. Of course some of the online email clients have template presets. Which are cool but if you want to spend a little bit longer and make something personal to your brand my techniques will help you no end. So drop me a message below and I will send you the basics on getting started. The rest is up to you. Content is king and your eshots should make your clients click. Enjoy creating.

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Thanks again for coming to Eating Design, and look forward to hearing from you.

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