Image manipulation, Make yourself younger tutorial in Photoshop

Tutorial for manipulating images. Making the Skin look younger in a portrait picture.

This technique can be used in a large variety of ways and differing pictures. For now I’ve taken a picture of Jennifer Aniston from the web to make her look younger as the picture of her was not the best as you will see.

Part one
Open the first image then Duplicate that image.

Part two
Filter menu go-to Noise then click Dust & Scratches. Then Select Radius as 4 pixels threshold set to zero levels.

Part three
Filter menu again this time select Blur then select Gaussian Blur set radius to about 2 pixels.

Part four
Make sure you are still selecting the Duplicated layer then go-to Layer in your menu bar then select Layer Mask then select Reveal All. Once this is done you will now see a white box in you duplicated layer and a little arrow pointing to the original image underneath (the first image you opened before any manipulation). You have now added a mask to the original layer with all your filters on the duplicated image.

Part five
This is the fun part, make your colour pallet set to white, and choose a good size brush, I used a mixture of brushes in varied sizes to gain detail and control over the image and applying the effect to the image. Also I find a really important part in controlling the depth and control of the effect is to change the Opacity of your brush. Again I change this as I work on the image, experiment yourself.

Most of this technique I discovered by playing around with ideas and experimenting with photoshop and masking techniques, So take the bull by the horns and mess around with differing filters and brushes. Its all Good fun.

Go forth and Photoshop!

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4 thoughts on “Image manipulation, Make yourself younger tutorial in Photoshop”

  1. I like this technique for fixing pictures. I’ve seen this trick on a lot of blogs before and finally played with it myself a few months ago.

    Is it sad that I applied it to my pic on my website?! hahaha 🙂

  2. Hello Brian,

    Thanks for the comment. Ive used this technique on landscape pictures as well get some real dreamy effects. When you start getting my age you’ve got to look at using these techniques lol 😀


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