iPad | Will this change the way we Create & Design for clients?

Today I saw all the glory of the iPad and the first thing that jumped to mind was using this hardware to design on, to produce websites and print design with the touch of your fingers.

I guess Adobe are busy creating CS5 and to have this app running on the new iPad if they haven’t done so already? Did a quick search on this and nothing has popped up but mark my words if it will run on this piece of super future tech hardware that will be a special day! Apple hits out at Wacom! maybe?

Not to long ago me and a fellow designer discussed what would it be like to have touch screens affordable and available to use as a design tablet without the large computer or laptop. To take your Designs to a client and immediately change and adapt the design with a single tablet computer. Well the Sci Fi thinking is here, and looks like the ideas of hover boards and all people being able to book a ticket to space are on the way! Just a tad exaggerated but hey there’s nothing wrong with dreaming? I am pretty sure the gurus at Apple have had dreams that have become a technological reality.

Just got to wait now until I see this available in the UK for 4 times the price it would cost in the US. 😐

Till the next adventure in Techno futures. Take care and peace out. Eating Design 😀

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2 thoughts on “iPad | Will this change the way we Create & Design for clients?”

    1. Yah, I will have to go myself. I think this is gonna be like most apple products, this is the first version then they will bring out a ipad+v3v3g extra with a proper processor and basically like what im saying in the post. To make a handheld touch screen computer that can run apps, and by apps I mean proper apps not mickey mouse ones 😀

      Take it easy speak soon

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