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After many years of working in Design – sometimes you can start to feel a little stagnant. Stuck in your Design ways. Always look for something to lift you, to ignite the spark that made you want to work in the Design industry. After 15 years of reading other people’s Creative Reviews I have finally subscribed to the magazine. Never look a bargain in the face. It was the subscription with the free book 🙂

So whilst having dinner reading my Creative review and online refresh for thoughts, I watched this video Creative review had posted on their site. Great little piece of inspiration and some excellent insight and thoughts from Fraser Muggeridge. Well worth your dinner time to watch.


I’m not totally into some of the Design work here but gives you good food for thought. Looking at other ways of being creative, reminds me of the days spent in university. Days I still miss. No real pressure apart from your own self-inflicted pressures. Looking back at that time and seeing it for what it was, to be experimental and ground breaking I discovered this is how I should still be today and  Fraser Muggeridge expands on this. I suppose that why he is at the top of his game, but hey without the thinkers and innovators we wouldn’t grow and expand or own Design horizons.

Directed by Jesse Watt. Produced by Amy Sherlock. Camera Hopi Allard. A Frieze Film in association with Pundersons Gardens. See More of Muggeridge’s work at

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