Eating-Design Abtract Art Background

New Look Eating Design

Playing around today in the sun, I got creative with the old paints. Have a look and see what you think?

Created this Cross legged in the back garden on my trusty old eisel. Laying Water based acrylics and adding marker pen details, with parts of a picture printed out and pasted onto the canvass, then working over the top with the paints. I felt it was time I got back into my painting and I am sure there will be many more.

Eating-Design Abtract Art Background

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  1. dbriders

    love it, very psychedelic

    • Written on: 03/07/09 at 11:33
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  2. Manz

    Very cool… but I notice that it didn’t last long as the site background ;) The new one is hot!

    • Written on: 16/09/09 at 22:49
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  3. Eating Design

    HEHE Your right it didnt last long. :D
    Thanks for comment.

    • Written on: 17/09/09 at 9:14
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