Photography – my trip to Egypt.

After getting married me and my Wife (still getting used to saying my wife) traveled to Cypress and Egypt. An amazing experience seeing Lots of Egypt, Egyptian Museum, Tutankhamun and off course the Phynx and pyramids. I thought I would post a few pictures on Eating Design, enjoy.








I would love to show people pictures of the Tutankhamun but there was noway you could take pictures inside the museum which was a big disappointment. Seeing the Tombs and the mask was stunning and possibly the most amazing work of art and design I will ever see in my life and more shocking is how old it is and how futuristic it looks. I recommend everyone should go and see this exhibition, it is truly mind blowing.

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  1. have you ever visited SYRIA ..
    i’m from Syria and i encourage you and invite you and your wife to visit us in Syria ..
    you wilcome ..

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