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Hello Everyone, Its been such a long time since I posted. My blog has started sending me messages in the middle of the night, a whisper in the darkness…

…stop neglecting me, please share you thoughts. Sadly Pinterest and all the other social networks have made me lazy! Dam you twitter!

Which brings me to Pinterest, you can see my pins here Eating Design Pins Ive gotta say, for me Pinterest is one of the best Social or bookmark sites of all time haha slightly carried away, but its the amount of quality and inspiration here we have lots and lots of great work from all forms of media. I recommend if you’re a creative go get an account immediately.

So go enjoy and hopefully see you back here soon. This time I shall have more posts… I promise.

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Hi, my name is Mali and I'm a Graphic Designer. I have been in the Design industry for around 15 years. Are you interested in working with me? Drop me a message or subscribe for inspiration. Enjoy the site

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