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Expanding desktop wallpapers to other styles. I really need to continue with the wallpapers, sexy for both sexes. Just some fun and generate a bit of interest to the site.


Thanks for the great response I have had from everyone with the first series of Abstract Art: Desktop wallpapers. Here is a new addition to a new series of Sexy Desktop wallpapers I will be adding in the coming few days, Enjoy!

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Eating Design

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  1. Hello James,

    More Information? It was created in photoshop and Illustrator just as a point of making images to attract people to my site and to start a desktop wallpaper section (which im yet to sit down and get started). The main image of the girl was manipulated using colour burn and over laying multiple images to get the depth and illustration effect to the image. The background and various other properties where made by creating vector brushes. Hope this is a bit more information for you


    Eating design

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