St Helens Dream: The Big Art Project

An amazing 20 metre-high sculpture that has created a stir.

The St Helens Dream changes the sky line. Thats the tag line used by most. Channel 4 Big Art Project has brought to my home town quite a unique and powerful piece of 20 metre high art. After lots of typical local comments “we could use that money for something better” or “that’s Shite” I decided to take a visit and see for myself. The town of St Helens has long been known for its Rugby and with its Rugby comes a closed mind. So I was surprising to see such a great piece of work by the artist Jaume Plensa, its was like an Alien had landed from a galaxy far¬†far away haha. I personally think its brilliant and great to see Art in this old industrial town. Thanks to all who have contributed to making this a reality and not to forget the meaning behind the sculpture, the hard work and hard life of the past mining community of Sutton Manor and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few pictures before the final launch on the 31st May.




Channel 4 Big Art Project
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